The most productive rubber and paint airport marking removal system in the industry today. This system is ideally suited for pavement marking removal, runway rubber removal, curing compound removal on new concrete, pavement marking rejuvenation and cleaning, surface preparation before new markings are applied, cleaning oil, jet-blast residue and grease from taxiways and gate areas. No other system offers the same level of versatility and performance on a single truck chassis. It is quicker, cleaner, and more easily adapted to the pavement maintenance needs of today’s major airports. Rubber deposits, paint, and thermoplastic cannot withstand the effective force of the needle-sharp water jets that can average removal rates of 40,000 sq. ft/hr (3,716 m2/hr).
The Water blasting System quickly and completely removes all types of durable traffic markings from asphalt and concrete surfaces with the least amount of negative impact to the surface. The work is done using many needle-sharp adjustable water jets and a powerful vacuum recovery system that leaves the runway clean and almost dry. 


  • High quality, durable paint
  • High performance airport glass beads
  • The safest levels of retro-reflectivity
  • The utmost visibility available in the industry today.

Airplanes depend on friction between runway and tires to be able to safely land the aircraft. Over time, the skid-resistance of runway pavement deteriorates due to weathering, usage, aging and contaminants. The most persistent contaminant problem is deposits of rubber from tires of landing jet aircraft. Heavy rubber deposits can completely cover the pavement surface texture causing loss of aircraft braking capability and directional control, particularly when runways are wet. It is for this reason that friction testing be done on a regular basis.

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