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We Mean Business!


Buying or Leasing an airplane, a Helicopter, or other Aviation Equipment, represent a very important undertake. Approaching this task meticulously, will not only make you buy or lease the right aircraft that will directly serve your needs but mainly it will help avoid all the possible bad surprises that may be linked to buying the wrong Aircraft.

Our team of experienced aviation specialists may help you land the best possible deal for your needs.

Here is an idea of the items we will define in seeking the best alternatives in acquiring an Aircraft.

  •   Analyze Your Needs,
  •  Financing,
  •   Operating Cost and Loan Information,
  •  Estimating Direct Operating Costs and Reserves Chart,
  •  Technical Information,
  • Valuation Factors,
  •  Overhauls,
  •  Fly Before You Buy,
  •  Pre-Purchase Inspection,
  •  Inspection Information,
  •  Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist,
  •  Aircraft Condition Checklist,
  •  Spare Parts Information,
  •  Title/Ownership/Liens: Title Information, Title Protection.
  •  Sales Contract,
  •  Aircraft Records,
  •  Insurance,
  • FAA Records, Registration and compliance,
  •  Taxes,
  •  Final Inspection,
  •  Bill of Sale,
  •  FCC Forms.