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The enterprise appeal for drone services tackles multiple billion-dollar sectors. Within construction, precision agriculture, oil & gas, and more, drones pose massive increases in efficiency as well as decreases in costs. There will be a new wave of private and public players entering the drone services segment over the next 2–4 years, and we are already seeing that ramp up, speaking with an average of 1 new drone services company per week over the past few months.

Analysts are predicting that demand will skyrocket. The commercial drone market could increase from around $5.2 billion last year to $27.1 billion by 2021, according to Wintergreen Research, a U.S.-based firm that studies different technology sectors.

That rapid growth has attracted the likes of digital camera maker GoPro, which says it plans to release a drone with undisclosed "revolutionary features"


*Agriculture – mapping plant growth
* Capturing the spread of algae
* Examining coastal regions
* Ocean & sea research support
* Identification of plant species
* Forestry – monitoring tree disease
* Meteorological research
* Nuclear  – tracking contamination
* Volcanic eruptions – tracking & monitoring ash clouds
* Mapping of excavation sites
* Environmental monitoring
* Iceberg monitoring
* Recording salt water infiltration
* Surveillance of volcanoes
* Flying over historical buildings
* Mapping the movement of sandbars 
* Mapping coastal regions
* Geophysical surveying
* Meteorological research