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* B737 (all variants)
* B757, B767
* A319/320/321
* A330

We produce top quality trained pilots, in accordance with the respective airline’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).                         We may coordinate a package deal that includes: Travel and accommodation. Our aim is to provide training of the highest quality, in the most cost effective package to meet your needs.

 Course location: Orlando, Florida. USA.

 Course duration: 6 - 8 weeks

 Course content: A typical course structure is outlined below. The ground school program is usually conducted in two phases - aircraft systems followed by operational procedures.

 We also offer simulator and training classes based on the particular flight operation’s requirements.
Course introduction, manual review, study guide, systems overview
Technical and systems training
Operational procedure including performance, loading, flight planning, flight deck management and SOPs

FBS – 5 x 4hr shared sessions

FFS – 7 x 4hr shared sessions including JAA LST (License Skills Test)

 We can offer a full range of abridged courses catering for pilots with previous jet or type experience, including differences courses and Cross Cockpit Qualification (CCQ) or Shortened Transition and Rating training (STAR).

 Programs can also be adjusted to exceed the regulatory minimum requirements by incorporating additional modules for pilots with low jet experience.

 Airline Operator Proficiency Checks (OPC), Low Visibility Operations (LVO) and Extended Twin Operations (ETOPS) training may be easily be included in the cType your paragraph here.